Location the most important consideration for wedding venues

The three most important considerations for couples booking their wedding venue have been declared: “location, location, location”. 

The maxim, more typically associated with buying the ideal home, has been adopted by wedding expert Kate Gilbert, who claimed it is an equally important consideration for brides and grooms looking for their perfect venue.

Writing for handbag.com, Gilbert explained how the location of a wedding reception venue should be the first aspect to decide upon as this is something that cannot be changed at a later date. Whilst colour schemes and designs can all be altered and amended, location cannot, so couples would be wise to ensure they know exactly the location they want to hold their nuptials before looking at anything else.

Location will, Gilbert added, also be a consideration for extended family members, especially the very young or very old. Gilbert echoed the calls of Rachel Morgan who advised weddingideasmag.com on making it accessible – not just the the doors of the venue but also in getting there in the first place. This, the two claimed, will ensure everyone is happy and no relatives have to miss out because they cannot make the journey.

Lastly, Gilbert added that brides and grooms should bear in mind the notoriously fickle British weather. Whilst grand ideas of marrying under moonlight might be favourable for some, thought should be given to guests to ensure they’ll stay warm and dry throughout proceedings.

“When you start to plan your wedding, it’s all about location, location, location,” she wrote.

“Starting to plan a wedding is daunting, but it will be over in a flash – so remember to enjoy it and know that it will all be worth it in the end.”