London 2012 opening ceremony to be 'anarchic representation of Britain'

Speculation over what Danny Boyle’s London 2012 Olympic Games opening ceremony will look like suggests the occasion will provide plenty of talking points.

The event, starting at 21:00 on July 27th, acts as an opportunity for all the teams to march out on to the field of a stadium; however, the plan for the organisers is always to come up with the most impressive display possible for attendees as well as everyone watching televised coverage at home and in event venues all over the world.

Filmmaker Boyle is helming the creative vision for the ceremony and suggested this could lead to some unusual scenes. Reporters Richard Beech and Leela Thomas said: “Those watching the London 2012 Olympic opening ceremony are likely to see an anarchic representation of the contrary nature of the Brits.”

They noted that the £27 million party will include a host of the UK’s most iconic music of modern times, with the aim being to celebrate the uniqueness of the country. As such, NHS nurses will push hospital beds through the show and a real-life countryside scene involving animals is also planned.

Many people have been wondering what sort of weather the ceremony will enjoy, considering the rainy nature of the summer so far. According to, the organisers are unlikely to be too concerned about how warm it is on the day, but rain could be an issue as the Olympic stadium is not completely covered.