London 2012 organisers: "We are ready"

Organisers of the Olympic Games 2012 have stated that the city is ready for the influx of tourists set to arrive over summer.

As of today (April 18th), there are only 100 days to go until the big event. The British Tourist Authority’s chief executive, Paul Deighton, spoke on behalf of VisitBritain on this landmark day.

He said: “100 days to go signifies a unique opportunity to highlight the great welcome we are ready to offer the world in 2012 and beyond.”

Cited by, Mr Deighton added: “We are absolutely where we want to be with 100 days to go – we are ready to welcome the world to London. Millions of people around the UK are getting ready to offer a warm welcome which will help create a lasting tourism legacy for many years to come.”

Over 11 million tickets have been sold for the games, which start on July 27th and measures have been taken by the government to ensure that all areas of the capital are well-prepared to accommodate the extra tourists – who could be looking to book out event venues to celebrate the occasion.

Although details about transport remain hazy, residents have been assured of their safety in the ramp-up to the games. With four billion people from around the world expected to tune in to watch some of the events, the spotlight is firmly on London to deliver. Due to this, the home office has told the media that it has left nothing to chance with its security strategies.

According to, bomb-detecting sensors and facial-recognition technology in CCTV cameras will be amongst the technology used to help police the games, with £1.2 billion committed to funding security.