London 2012 tickets return for third round

A third round of London 2012 Olympic Games ticket sales has been announced, including a slight alteration to the sales process.

The Huffington Post UK reported that the organisers of the showpiece occasion are keen to make those people who had previously missed out on tickets a priority in this latest round, so they have introduced a 24-hour window devoted to them.

Anyone who tried – and failed – to buy a ticket in the first two rounds will have a day in which to apply for passes again in April, before they are offered to the remainder of the 1.2 million registered individuals.

This means that sports fans who had previously thought they had missed out on Games could still go to the event, potentially hiring function venues after their chosen session to continue the celebrations.

A spokesperson for London 2012 said: “Within that 1.2 million people, 20,000 people applied for tickets in the first public sale and missed out, then applied again in the second round and received an email from us saying they were again unsuccessful.”

The ticketing process has been something of an issue for the organisers of the Games, with London Mayor Boris Johnson becoming the latest high-profile figure to call for greater transparency on how passes have been allocated and how many were offered to the general public.

Mr Johnson claimed the “whole country” wants the procedure to be transparent, which is why he will pressure the Olympic board to publish details.