London airports to boost standards and lower costs under new regulations

The UK’s airport regulator, the Civilian Aviation Authority (CAA), has placed tighter regulations on Gatwick and Heathrow to ensure their fares are competitive and that customer service standards remain high.

The CAA has revealed that it will force Heathrow to cut the amount it charges airlines by 1.5 per cent from 2014 to 2019, a cost that is passed on to passengers.

This announcement has come after airlines continuing to apply pressure on the CAA to take action, particularly British Airways who accused Heathrow of ripping off passengers in 2013.

According to, the CAA also said that they would ensure that both airports were better equipped to deal with disruption to the running of their services, so it could deal with it efficiently when it does occur.

Deirdre Hutton, chairwoman of CAA, told that this drop in charges is good news for air travellers who will see a drop in ticket prices, whilst still being able to enjoy the high standards that they have come to expect from Britain’s busiest airports.

Ms Hutton said: “London’s airports have benefited from substantial investment over the past decade, which has created world-class facilities for passengers. But prices have risen substantially in that time, with service quality sometimes failing to match the standards passengers have every right to expect.”