London areas to dress up for 2012 Games

A massive £50,000 has been handed to each of London’s 32 boroughs in order to kit out its public spaces for the London 2012 Olympic Games.

Event Magazine reports that communal areas like parks, high-streets and squares will be branded in London 2012 attire in order to celebrate the monumental event.

This could prompt local event venues to decorate their property with London 2012 kit in order to embrace the community spirit.

Council head honchos have been given an official ‘Look Book’ full of materials like appropriate flags, banners and bunting for the dress-up.

In addition, some of London’s “most iconic landmarks and popular tourist venues” will be dressed up for the occasion.

Mayor of London Boris Johnson hopes the occasion will be brightened by the materials: “When the world arrives next summer I want every corner of London to demonstrate its pride at hosting the world’s greatest sporting event.

“That means decorating not just our iconic landmarks and public spaces with the 2012 look, but ensuring every inch of the capital dazzles its visitors and the million watching around the world,” he added.

The 2012 games will also bring a wealth of new services – like sports programs, music classes, volunteering opportunities – to London, cites Fresh Business Thinking, in a bit to make the city “a better place”.