London enjoys healthy visitor numbers despite poor weather

Despite fears that the Olympic and Paralympic Games would hinder visitors numbers to the capital, the Games proved to be no problem at all, reports

That’s according to findings from the Association of Leading Visitor Attractions (ALVA), which has released figures showing only a small drop in full-year visitor numbers to the capital. However, this was not down to the Olympics and the blame falls firmly at the feet of poor weather conditions, adds ALVA.

While visitor numbers to the capital shrunk slightly, UK-wide attractions actually enjoyed an overall increase in visitors of 5.1 per cent, up from 87.7 million in 2011 to 92.1 million in 2012, reports

Bernard Donoghue, ALVA director, believes when it comes to London, the capital contains a number of experiences that staycationers and overseas visitors will continue to flock to in their millions. For instance, London is not shy of event venues, museums and other attractions.

He commented on the figures: “Even at a time of economic restraint those attractions which have invested in refurbishment, new exhibitions, new marketing, new catering and retail products have seen a real return on investment and more money for the visitor economy.

“Domestic visitors have prioritised visitors to free attractions but not exclusively; they are mindful of getting value for money and experiencing great quality and they are finding plenty of examples of both,” he added.