London Festival 2012 to showcase capital culture

London Mayor Boris Johnson has announced a series of free performances, gigs and events as part of the London 2012 festival, reports Event Magazine.

A number of performances, including a special ‘floating opera’ created by the Royal Opera House, Monty Python Star Terry Jones and composer Anne Dudley, form part of a series called Secrets: Hidden London, which bring to life some of the capital’s lesser-known locations.

In addition, the creation of a outdoors arts festival called Showtime will help people tour local high streets and experience free cultural events in various function venues, reports The Stage.

Furthermore, “cultural trails” have been created to help people navigate their way through the city-wide festival.

Johnson, who commissioned the events, commented: “2012 is one of the most thrilling years in our city’s history and as we welcome the world we have an unprecedented opportunity to showcase and strengthen London’s outstanding culture and creativity, which are a hugely important part of our economy.

“We’re creating the biggest festival of outdoor arts ever to be seen in the capital, as well as fantastic new work that will throw new light on some of our city’s lesser known landmarks and hidden gems. Wherever you are you will feel a part of the 2012 celebrations and experience a summer like no other in one of the most exciting cities on earth,” he added.