London Games Festival to return in October

The London Games Festival has announced it will return in 2011 for its fourth year.

The festival takes in numerous corporate venues in London where the movers and shakers in the computer game industry gather to show to the press and public what to look forward to in the near future.

The festival will start on Friday 1st of October and run for over a month until its climax on Thursday 4th of November. Last year’s events took in a launch ceremony at Earl’s Court, hands on experiences at a wealth of different venues and the prestigious Golden Joystick Awards Ceremony, among many other events.

Whilst this years specifics are yet to be announced, it looks set to follow in the hugely successful mould of the previous festivals.

Speaking to, director of the London Games Festival Kirsty Payne said, “I look forward to welcoming a wider audience than ever before to the festival.”

“From BAFTA lectures to pop concerts, the London Games Festival really does open up gaming to all comers.”

However, the festival does more than just allow gamers the chance to see what the future of the industry has to offer, it also supports the GamesAid charity, which distributes funds to a wealth of other children’s charities that it raises through computer game events such as this.

Payne told, “I’m thrilled to be able to include such charitable causes in the festival.”

“The GamesAid donations presentation provides indisputable proof that the games industry is capable of great things, especially as the proceeds are raised through such wide-reaching and entertaining ways as the PES rankings events, among so many others.”