London hailed as best international business location

London has been described as the best location in which to set up an international business.

Aaron Levie, who is chief executive of Box, made these noteworthy compliments whilst opening his company’s new offices in Mayfair earlier this week. 

It’s the first base outside of the United States for the company reportedly valued at £750 million, following what Levie describes as an “exhaustive search” for the right location.

Explaining why he ultimately picked London, Levie told “We looked at our customer mix, the talent we wanted to bring in and the eco-system. London is unquestionably a hub for consulting, for finance, for media and for marketing. We need to go where the customers are.”

This need to go where the customers are could explain why many businesses choose to host business conferences in London. The capital has a huge range of event spaces suitable for conferences of all sizes and is arguably one of the easiest locations in the UK to reach by public transport.

Levie claimed that the amount of London-based start-ups had reached a “critical mass”. Having touched base in the capital, he also suggested that his company might now be in a position to float on the stock market.

Speaking to, he said: “You want an attractive market [to float a company] and we’re in that now.”