London hailed as "world's greatest city"

London’s successes in hosting the Olympic and Paralympic Games have given it the global reputation as one of the best cities in the world, reports.

News sources from all across the world were full of praise at the London Olympic Games after they drew to a close earlier this month. Now, with similar responses expected at the culmination of the Paralympic Games, London is firmly establishing itself all over the world as a vibrant, successful city.

Writing for, Greg Clark and Michael Heseltine explained how the city’s status is “now burnished with the golden glow of a fantastically successful Olympic Games.”

The dedication of volunteers even promoted the stereotypically dour Britain as a rival to Sydney’s “Friendly Games”.

This, the two suggested, has meant that not only are Brits feeling a swell of national pride, but other countries are now turning to London when considering business opportunities.

If this belief continues in the long term, London could see itself as not just the business capital of Britain but the world, with firms from all corners of the globe seeking to make use of its offices, infrastructure and corporate venues.

“The best that our capital has to offer – from the historic grandeur of Horseguards and Tower Bridge to the thrilling modernity of the Olympic Stadium and the Shard – has been beamed to every nation across the globe,” the pair added.

“The warmest of welcomes has been extended by a confident, multicultural society.”