London is best event destination, say business leaders

Global business leaders have rated London as the best destination for events, based on its return on investment, CIT Magazine reported.

The majority of respondents (84 per cent) in the IMF Sports Marketing Survey also said the city offered global commercial partnerships, backed by a strong media presence.

Furthermore, the capital’s event venues were considered to be of “the highest quality” by 70 per cent of the 110 executives who took part in the poll.

London even fended off international competition from Sydney and New York; with executives agreeing it was better at garnering media interest for major events;

Speaking on behalf of the new leisure and tourism agency, London & Partners, Iain Edmondson told Event Magazine said it was Londoners’ appetite for cultural events that were reflected in the results.

“These results show how valuable major events are to London’s £16bn tourism economy and endorse London’s role as one of the best big cities in the world,” he said.

“London is a place where major events succeed and these results show there is the appetite from Londoners, visitors and commercial partners for more major events beyond the Olympic and Paralympic Games,” he added.

London Mayor Boris Johnson also praised the results; owing them to some of the new venues and conference centres that have been built especially for the Games.

He said that London has a “right to have such confidence” about the findings and looked forward to welcoming new major events to the capital.

Johnson concluded: “London is rich in sporting heritage and is a natural backdrop for successful, profitable international sports events. It already boasts some of the world’s most iconic sports arenas and our new state of the art 2012 sports venues are steadily being delivered ahead of schedule.”