London more popular than New York for big business

London has been named as the business capital of Europe – and maybe even the world – thanks to its popularity among global corporations, reports.

New research from Deloitte showed that, of the 250 biggest global companies that have a HQ in Europe, two in five have a presence in London. Meanwhile in Paris the figure is just eight per cent, falling to three per cent in Madrid and 2.5 per cent in Brussels.

Additionally, London was found to have offices for 60 per cent of non-EU companies within the top 250 who had at least one base in Europe.

This also put London ahead of New York, as the US city is only chosen by 25 per cent of North American businesses within the top 250 for their regional HQ.

It wasn’t just office space where London beat the Big Apple but also its pool of skilled workers. Deloitte found that 47 per cent of all highly-skilled workers across Europe’s five biggest cities are employed in London. For New York, however, the comparative figure for North American cities was just 31 per cent.

Commenting on the findings, senior partner at Deloitte, Angus Knowles-Cutler, told “The city is more central to the economy of Europe than New York is to the economy of North America and continues to attract the largest proportion of highly skilled talent.”