London "most exciting city in Europe" says survey

Thanks to a wealth of activities and some of the world’s best party venues, London has been voted the “most exciting city in Europe” by a survey of 3,000 cross-continental travellers.

The survey conducted by TripAdvisor asked 2,963 people from across Europe, including 559 Britons, to rate cities throughout Europe based on their safety, how expensive they were, how easy it was to get around there, their cleanliness, their aesthetic appeal and how good their cuisine was.

London made big advances in terms of cleanliness; last year the capital was named ‘dirtiest city in Europe’, yet this year it didn’t even appear on the shortlist. It was also praised for its safety, coming in third after Geneva and Zurich as one of the least dangerous metropolises on the continent.

The UK’s biggest city also won favour among travellers for its robust transport. Thanks the network of tube stations, tram stops, bus routes and huge fleets of private taxi cabs, London was ranked as the easiest city to get around too.

The greatest accolade that the city gained though was as “most exciting city” – a title that won’t surprise anyone who’s familiar with the capital’s thriving nightlife, bustling streets and packed timetable of entertainment and corporate events. London certainly came off much better in the survey than other UK cities; Birmingham, for example, was rated as the “most boring” city in Europe and the second ugliest, beaten to the top spot by Poland’s Krakow.

Still, even Birmingham came off better than some European destinations. Although Rome was voted as Europe’s most attractive city, nearby Athens was ranked as the “dirtiest” whilst Istanbul was identified as the “most dangerous.”