London named as one of hottest cities of 2013

London has made it in to the top ten hottest cities of 2013, according to a new list this week, according to

The UK capital came fourth in the list of the world’s top visited cities last year. This list was collaborated by global information publisher Euromonitor International.

The organisation found that 15.46 million people from around the world visited London last year. This was up by 2.3% from 2012 figures.

Topping the list was Hong Kong, which saw 23.77 million visitors last year, up by 6.5%. This was followed by Singapore (21.35 million visits) and Bangkok, Thailand (15.82 million visits). Completing the top five was Macau, China, which had 13.36 million visits from tourists last year, up from 3.4% on 2012 figures.

The fastest-growing cities out of the top 100 were also named by Euromonitor International. This list was topped by Tokyo and also features cities such as Lima, Mumbai, Djerba (Tunisia), Taipei (Taiwan) and Burgas in Bulgaria.

Talking about Burgas, which saw 2.69 million visitors last year, a representative from travel firm Lonely Planet said of the region, according to “Burgas is a lively, unpretentious university city that makes a good base for exploring the southern coast, while its uncrowded beach, bosky seaside park and clutch of museums can happily fill a few days of anyone’s time.”