London named fashion capital of the world

London Fashion Week looks set to prove exceptionally popular for tourists, if the results of a new study are anything to go by.

Figures gathered by Global Language Monitor have indicated that London remains the most talked-about city amongst fashion journalists and bloggers.

According to, the capital was placed ahead the likes of New York, Paris, Madrid and Milan in terms of fashion media mentions for the second year running.

This could indicate that the capital will be buzzing with journalists, designers and fashionistas alike when the annual show begins on September 14.

The various trendy function spaces and party venues London has to offer are traditionally very much in demand during this week and this year would appear to be no exception.

Global Language Monitor president Paul Payack claimed that recent high-profile events in London have helped the city retain its prestigious title.

Speaking to, he said: “Kate Middleton has proved to be incredibly impactful on the British fashion brand. The second thing is the Olympics being in the UK.”

New York had been named as the most talked about city in fashion for a number of years, until finally being overtaken by London in 2011.

The Global Monitoring Company came to its conclusion by analysing data from the world’s top 175,000 fashion websites and magazines.