London prepares to welcome Chinese Year of the Snake

Chinese New Year is coming up in February and will be accompanied by major celebrations in London.

On Sunday February 10th, the Year of the Snake will begin. For revellers keen to celebrate the day, there will be a number of officially organised events dotted around the centre of the capital, while some people may choose to fill function venues with their nearest and dearest instead.

Dr Wyman Chan, chairman of the London Chinatown Chinese Association, told that London has the biggest Chinese New Year Festival outside of China, which shows just how popular the occasion is in the UK.

Reflecting on the start of the Year of the Snake, he said: “People born in the Year of the Snake tend to be thoughtful, wise and are good at solving problems. Snakes are also said to be very insightful and naturally intuitive, but also mysterious.

“Ancient Chinese philosophy believed that a snake in your house was a good omen because it meant that your family would not starve in the coming year.”

For retailers, the upcoming Chines New Year celebration is expected to be something of a boon; cited research by Mintel showing that one fifth of elderly Chinese people buy items specifically for the special occasion, while almost half will spend more time with loved ones.