London remains best for career progression

The number of people enduring longer-than-average commutes to work in the capital has helped to cement London’s reputation as the career progression capital of the UK.  

Despite the fact that bus, tram and Tube fares have risen yet again, a large number of high-flying executives continue to travel to the City from far across the country, many staying in hotels or serviced accommodation during the week until they can travel home again. It is this that believes confirms ‘London’s dominance of the UK’.

It is the place with the highest concentration of ‘high-level professional jobs’, is home to huge corporations and remains the preferred location for events and conferences. However, it does make searching for executive roles difficult for those that live beyond London and the home counties.

As such, there is a growing number of people who ‘long-distance commute’ from the North: Monday to Thursday with Friday working from home. According to recruiters, it is a trend that is becoming more and more common, with individuals accepting it’s often easier to travel long distances than uproot their families. 

The jobs would need to be well paid to cope with the costs associated with the commute; the price of a Zone 1-4 travelcard has increased by £122 to total £1,800, reports. It’s not just in London that prices are being impacted; properties as far away as the Northumberland coast are now commanding a premium, due to their proximity to a main line rail link to the capital.