London stays the top choice for meetings in Europe

A new report has revealed that London will remain the most popular place to have meetings in the whole of Europe.

According to, American Express’ 2014 Meeting and Events Global Forecast revealed that London ranks higher in popularity for meetings than Amsterdam, Brussels, Barcelona and Paris.

Although the meetings industry is expected to remain flat over Europe, the UK can expect to see a rise – according to the report. This is due to the UK experiencing a stronger economy, whereas the rest of Europe isn’t doing so well, reports

The report also shows that more companies are choosing to host meetings in their own offices or booking venues which are close to their home. In addition, getting meetings approved is also becoming more complex.

Michael Schuller, vice president of American Express Meetings & Events Europe, said that it’s likely that the demand for local meetings will see a rise.

“While challenges remain, there are sign of economic recovery in specific European markets – such as the UK and Germany – where we see optimism in all meeting categories,” he said.

He added: “While face-to-face global meetings remain a strong business tool, demand for local meetings in the region is expected to increase as companies look to make the most of restricted budgets and reduce time away from the office.”