London still feeling Olympic benefits

London is still feeling the benefits of its hugely successful Olympic and Paralympic Games, more than a year after the events drew to a close, reports.

Ahead of London 2012, many analysts forecast that London would not see any tourism benefit as a result of the Games, despite it attracting a worldwide audience of billions. Some even suggested that the number of people looking at London for holidays or business trips could even decline.

Now, it appears those naysayers have been proven wrong, amid reports that visitors into the capital are still up on average figures, more than a year down the line.

British tourism chiefs polled their executives to see how many had witnessed increased capacity. Of the 1,277 surveyed, 52 per cent said they had ended up needing to increase their total capacity to deal with added interest. Not only that, London wasn’t the only city to benefit, as 42 per cent said they needed to increase capacity across the whole of the UK, as demand spread to the regions.

This trend is likely to be driven not only by tourists who felt compelled to visit after watching the Games, but also business executives who have looked to London for a future move as a direct result of the 2012 success.

Commenting on the results, senior exhibition director at the World Travel Market, Simon Press, told “It just goes to show that if you get something the size and ambition of the Olympics right, the benefits down the line will be considerable.

“For more than two glorious weeks, the eyes of the world were focussed on the UK and the country delivered. Every man, woman and child who helped make the event such a success should feel very proud of the positive impact they have made and we hope the country continues to reap the benefits.”