London to avoid snowfall this weekend

With reports that snow is set to hit the majority of the UK, the capital is expected to not be subject to such harsh weather, according to the Met Office.

London will enjoy a relatively settled weekend, claims a number of weather bulletins from the Met Office cited by, with any snowfall being light and disappearing soon after due to oncoming rain. The absolute worst Londoners can expect is a bit of sleet, followed by weather returning to normal over the next week.

However, severe weather warnings have been issues for ‘much of Scotland and Northern England’, claim the service.

Consequently, it should be safe for employees to travel to the capital if they have pre-booked venues for hire for a company meeting, for instance. The only problem travellers might see is a bit of “snow while driving in”.

A Met Office spokesman told “London looks like it’ll have a fairly decent time. There’ll be outbreaks of light rain and sleet falling as you go through to Wednesday evening, until the early hours of tomorrow morning.

“For the rest of Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, the weather in London generally look like it’ll be on the dry and mild side. There’ll be a generally settled theme,” he added.