London to benefit from introduction of 4G

Mobile broadband in London is set to dramatically improve with the introduction of a 4G network.

The providers of the network, Everything Everywhere, have pledged to officially launch 4G in London and 15 other cities before the end of the year.

The company, who today re-branded themselves as ‘EE’, said that they were already testing the high-speed network in the capital and that a service should be ready within “weeks.”

With mobile broadband playing an increasingly important role in corporate events, this could see the demand for event spaces in London surge throughout the winter months.

Connection to a 4G network will allow those with mobile web devices to download websites, films or music at least four times faster than at present.

Speaking at EE’s launch event, London mayor Boris Johnson claimed that the launch would be really important for professionals in the city.

He told “I barely understand it, but information will spout unstoppably from these gizmos. It will bring huge advantages to anyone living or working in London.”

Those who want to take advantage of 4G will probably have to purchase a new smartphone or tablet, as few of the current models available support this new technology.

However, reports that the new iPhone, out later this year, is expected to be 4G compatible.