London to host trial run of Olympics beach volleyball tournament

London will play host to a beach volleyball tournament next August, scheduled as a test event for the 2012 Olympic Games, reports Sporting Life.

From 9th to 14th August, 24 all female teams will pay in the tournament, which will provide an exact replica of the actual 2012 Games – to be held in event spaces across London. “This will be a great showcase for beach volleyball in the middle of summer, in the heart of one of the greatest capitals in the world,” said the president of the international volleyball federation, Jizhong Wei.

BBC Sport cites Kenny Barton, the performance programme manager for British Volleyball, who claims: “It is fantastic to be having this test event next year to give a flavour of what it will be like having beach volleyball at such an iconic location in 2012.”

“The girls travel all over the world so to have this competition confirmed on the calendar in London will be fantastic. It really will be the icing on the cake in what is a hectic season and it is really importance to have the home crowd out there and supporting us. If we can get a big crowd getting involved, I really think that can help push us to another level. Right in the centre of London, I am sure it will be the place to be.”

Reports say that huge amounts of sand will be shipped in to create an authentic beach area within the capital, and that the event will play host to a 15,000-strong audience.