London trumps New York as fashion capital of the world

London is the new fashion capital of the world, overtaking New York for the first time in several years, reports the Mail Online.

Global Language Monitor, which tracks trends in print, electronic and social media, decided that the Big Smoke reigns supreme over the Big Apple when it comes to setting the latest must-have designer items.

Its credentials were boosted by iconic fashionistas such as the Duchess of Cambridge and late designer Alexander McQueen.

Although McQueen committed suicide last February, his fashion line has continued to be popular around the world. The Duchess on the other hand, has only just become an icon since her induction into the Royal Family in April.

Commenting on the pair, Bekka Payack, a fashion correspondent for the Texas-based organisation, said: “We are seeing what the impact of two genuine media stars, Kate [Middleton] and Alexander McQueen can have upon a global ranking.

“Our numbers show that it was their presence that tipped the victory to London over New York.” argues that aside all of the glitzy party venues London is famous for, the capital is also likely to remain popular in the fashion world thanks to shows such as London Fashion Week, Vogue’s Fashion Night Out and the Carnaby Catwalk.

After London and New York, Paris, Milan, LA, and Hong Kong followed as the world’s leading fashion capital cities.