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London Underground to offer 24-hour service at weekends

The London Underground has unveiled plans to run a 24-hour tube service at weekends starting in 2015, as part of the modernising of the service.

The extended service has initially been planned for the Victoria, Central, Piccadilly, Jubilee and parts of the Northern line.

London Underground has also announced plans to close ticket offices and install a system of contactless payment for tube fares, to help make the service more efficient. Other improvements include the extension of the underground WiFi network, all of which are measures to make a “21st-century tube service”.

The decision to remove ticketing offices came after it was reported by Transport for London that less than three per cent of people who travel on the tube use ticket offices to purchase fares, reports.

London Underground’s managing director, Mike Brown, told that people are at the heart of the London Underground’s vision for the future, both the customers and the staff. 

Mr Brown said: “My commitment to London is that all Tube stations will continue to be staffed and controlled in future, with more staff visible and available to help customers buy the right ticket, plan their journey and keep them safe and secure. We will continue to make the Tube more accessible and provide assistance at stations for all our customers who need it.”