London voted 'best financial city' once again

London has reclaimed its global crown after being voted the best financial city in the world.

PricewaterhouseCoopers’ ‘Cities of Opportunity report’ states that out of 27 key global cities, London is the best place to do businesses when graded on its innovation, infrastructure and global connections. 

According to, its high quality of life, “cultural vibrancy” and improved transport links also helped the city outperform the likes of Toronto, Chicago and Hong Kong – with only New York preventing London from taking all of the spoils. A league table cited by freshbusinessthinking shows the two cities taking joint-top place. 

Other factors that may be driving business into the capital’s venues for hire include economic clout, ease of doing business and the standard of the National Health Service, according to PricewaterhouseCoopers.  

To ensure that next year’s standings read favourably once again, researchers advised the UK government to invest in high-speed rail and to increase its airport capacity.    

Commenting on the result, London mayor Boris Johnson said: “Yet again, another major survey shows London leaving the global competition in its wake as the best city in the world to live, visit, work and invest in and (it is) tying with the Big Apple.”

The standings place Toronto just behind London and New York, whilst Paris and Stockholm made the top five. San Francisco, Singapore, Hong Kong, Chicago and Tokyo completed the standings.