London-based Christmas parties could be on the up

The number of office Christmas parties organised by London-based businesses could well rise this year, after many were axed for financial reasons in 2012.

That’s according to Ruth Lawton-Owen, who represents one of London’s party planning services, Blue Strawberry. The sales director told that her enquiries have grown by 50 per cent so far this year.  

Her sentiments are shared by Concerto Group, another of London’s party planning businesses; whose chief executive (Teresa-Anne Dunleavy) recently revealed that the “lockdown” London had previously experienced on office Christmas parties is improving. However just because the festivities are returning doesn’t mean that staff should go mad, writer Emma Woollacott suggests.  

Warning employees of the damage a wild night at the Christmas party can create, Woollacott advises them that they can actually be sacked for misbehaving at an office party – so being sensible with alcohol consumption and remembering that “the boss is still the boss” is advised.

Having a drink or two is fine, of course, but guests should ensure their food consumption equals their alcohol consumption and have soft drinks in-between alcoholic ones.

Plus, although Woollacott admits that “it’s extraordinary how attractive your colleagues can become on this one night of the year”, keeping clear of Christmas party flirtations is essential. Colleagues could take any advances the wrong way, so it’s best to remain friendly during on the big night.