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Londoners the most avid event-goers, according to ticket sales

When it comes to choosing a location for an upcoming event, British planners might want to consider London as a safe option.

This is because according to annual readings from ticketing agency Eventbrite, natives of the Big Smoke are by far and away the most avid event-goers in the land.

Although the likes of Brighton, Edinburgh, Cambridge and Manchester placed in the top 10 cities when ticket sales for their own gatherings were considered, Eventbrite claimed that gate receipts for event venues in London couldn’t be matched.

Commenting on a key market for his company, Eventbrite CEO Kevin Hartz said: “London has long been a top five city for Eventbrite in terms of users and the response we’ve seen since our recent focus on the UK has been incredibly promising.

“The vast quantity of events here showcase the entrepreneurial spirit of the country and highlight people’s ability to embrace the online world to build their offline lives.”

According to, strong sales in Birmingham, Oxford, Bristol, Leeds and Sheffield contributed to a 115 per cent increase in the number of tickets sold by Eventbrite from September 2011, the month it was founded. This equated to total sales of four million throughout the 12-month period, as gross sales grew by 80 per cent. says most of this business derived from Britain, reporting that UK sales accounted for over half of all tickets sold by Eventbrite in a hugely successful first year for the company.