Londoners urged to "travel differently" during 2012 Olympics

Transport minister Norman Baker has urged London commuters to think carefully about how they intend to travel when the Olympics begin in a years’ time.

His comments are intentionally timed to coincide with what is widely expected to be the busiest commuting day in 2012 – August 3rd. reports that there will be an extra three-million public transport trips in the capital on top of the 12-million that made every day during the games. Many of these trips will not only be to attend the sporting spectacle, but also to celebrate throughout London’s various event venues.

The minister highly recommends that locals who are within walking distance of work put on their “walking boots” and avoid public transport. Failing that, he suggested that alternatives such as video conferencing can be used so that London doesn’t come to a standstill during the Games.

To mark the anniversary of the first track and field event this time next year, Baker said: “The Games will be a once-in-a-generation test for both our transport system and our adaptability. As we edge ever closer to the Olympics, hand-in-hand with new investment must go new solutions.

“It’s time to oil the creaking bike, dig out the walking boots, work out how to use the video conferencing equipment, and fire up the laptop gathering dust at the back of the cupboard,” he added, according to