London's digital switchover set for 2012

The digital switchover is set to take place in London in 2012, according to BBC News.

It is thought that April 4th 2012 will be the official date for the switchover; which will mean some 12 million people in residential houses, corporate venues and function venues will have to upgrade their televisions or buy a set-top box.

However those who already subscribe to digital or satellite television will only have to perform a  re-tune of their box.

A spokesperson for Digital UK, Vivien Morgan, spoke to This is London about the announcement, claiming: “This is the biggest change in broadcasting since colour TV.”

“Lots of people still have an analogue TV somewhere, particularly in the spare room, or if they don’t watch a lot of TV. It’s not generally the older people – lots of them have switched to watch sport.”

Reports have confirmed that the television signal will be ten times’ better once the switchover has taken place; however some may still be left confused as to what they must do in order to reap this reward.

Morgan confirmed this notion, stating: “There’s a lot of confusion among consumers and we want to address that. It’s a bit like trying to understand the internet – there’s a lot of terminology people think they understand but don’t.”

“But we think they will cope incredibly well, and there are clear instructions online. Digital is here and we have to embrace it – we think people will want to see the Olympics in wide-screen.”

Fellow television expert, Torin Douglas, welcomed the move – although added that in order to keep consumers happy, minimal disruption would have to be made to the television schedules. Speaking to BBC News, Douglas confirmed that with events such as the Olympics and the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, Brits wouldn’t want their schedules interrupted.