London's historic statues come to life

Nineteen of London’s historic statues have started talking to passers-by, as part of an exciting new project.

Sing London, a non-profit arts organisation, aims to entertain Londoners and tourists and raise their spirits by having the statues tell tales of the past. To get the statues to speak – Isaac Newton at the British Library or The Goat in Spitalfields Market, for example – visitors simply have to swipe their smartphones over the signs indicated, reports. 

Famous British actors and personalities including Patrick Stewart, Jeremy Paxman and Downton Abbey’s Hugh Bonneville have lent their voices to the project. Stewart voices the Unknown Soldier at Paddington Station; Paxman defends free speech as John Wilkes in Fetter Lane; while Bonneville becomes Isambard Kingdom Brunel – also in Paddington Station.

Colette Hiller, creative director of Sing London, said: “Every city everywhere has statues that go ignored. So we thought about how we could work with the writers, the actors, the comedians from that city to bring them to life.”

Other celebrities who have voiced statues in London include Hugh Dennis, Frank Skinner, Sara Pascoe, Matthew Horne, Ed Stoppard, Simon Russell and Prunella Scales.

The participating statues will be talking throughout London for an entire year, notes.