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London's success should be applauded, says columnist

Columnist Sarah Sands has rejected the idea that London’s success emasculates the rest of the country – an opinion put forward by deputy prime minister Nick Clegg.

Ms Sands, writing for, labelled the capital a “global city” and claimed that its success in all sectors should be applauded and encouraged, as opposed to worrying about its effect on other places in the country.

In her opinion, London is an old city but not one that feels stuffy or that is bound by its many traditions. It may be this combination of history and innovation that prompts so many organisations to use the conference centres in the city for events.

“Success is a magnet. Cities cannot be excused from the market rule of good, better, best. Globalism is pure competition. The Indian and Chinese visitors being wooed by the prime minister want our most famous and illustrious schools and universities, our museums, our most beautiful houses and Shakespeare,” remarked Ms Sands.

Her point regarding Shakespeare is that nobody complains that Shakespeare emasculated his contemporaries. Ms Sands is not the only person to slam Mr Clegg for his comments on the capital.

One of the other individuals to be unimpressed by the Liberal Democrat leaders remarks was Pimlico Plumbers head Charlie Mullins, who told that the idea London is emasculating the rest of the country is the most “ridiculous and insulting thing” he had heard for a long time.