'Mad Men' return prompts viewing parties

The glamour, sharp suits and cocktails look set to be replicated off-screen when the latest season of ‘Mad Men’ kicks off.

According to the Washington Post, there are several viewing parties planned Stateside for when series five starts on Sunday (March 25th) and the return of the hit show could prompt similar use of venues for hire in Britain when the same season-opener is unveiled this side of the pond on Tuesday (March 27th).

The programme, which harks back to the 1960s and its so-called golden age of advertising, is popular not only for its storylines; the retro aesthetic of the show has struck a chord with viewers too.

People who want to imitate the glamour of Don Draper and the rest of the characters may want to suit up while enjoying a few cocktails or a prime steak.

‘Mad Men’ creator Matthew Weiner recently spoke to The Telegraph about the success of the programme. He was full of praise for two of his lead actors – Jon Hamm and Christina Hendricks – for the way they bring a certain sexiness to the screen, but can also act.

Regarding the show’s Vogue-like aesthetic, he remarked: “I’m an entertainer. I wanted to give people a sensory experience. This is a period that I’ve reminded people about. I had to sell this show as ‘the sexiest period of American history’.”