Majority of bridesmaid arguments caused by dress choice

Brides and bridesmaid are most likely to argue over the style of colour of the dresses they have to wear, a new survey reveals.

According to, the research from shows 61 per cent of disagreements are caused by the dress choice. This is closely followed by the chosen hair style for the bridesmaids, as this starts 55 per cent of arguments.

Fights between the bride and her bridesmaids are very common, as 73 per cent admit they’ve fallen out with their friends or family members before the big day. However, 61 per cent of these fights quickly come to an end, as they’ve often over petty issues.

On the other hand, almost a third (32 per cent) have such a big falling out that they cut off contact from their bridesmaids after their wedding day. Some 38 per cent of brides believe they fell out with their friend because they were jealous of their big day.

George Charles, spokesperson for, says the phrase ‘hell hath no fury like a woman scorned’ can apply to many women when it comes to their wedding day.

“The results of our study seem to show that even the strongest friendships can be damaged through the stress of organising a wedding, and that perhaps brides should think very carefully before making any major decisions about exactly who can take on such a responsibility as being a bridesmaid,” he explains, reports