Majority of business travellers complain hotel and airline experiences are inconsistent

A new poll has revealed that business travellers like consistency when they travel, as 88 per cent of hotel guests and 76 per cent of airline passengers complained that their experience is anything but.

According to, research from Frequent Business Traveler magazine also revealed that businesspeople are loyal when it comes to their favourite airline but not when it comes to their hotel brands. Even if it wasn’t convenient, 75 per cent of travellers said they tend to stick with their preferred airline. In a similar situation, only 45 per cent of businesspeople would stay at their favourite hotel brand.

The survey also found that 35 per cent of business travellers expect to travel more next year, while 49 per cent think they will travel about the same amount. Only 17 per cent believed they would take fewer trips, reports

Jonathan Spira, editorial director of Frequent Business Traveler, said businesses should pay attention to what travellers want if they want to keep bringing them back.

“Business travellers are professional travellers and they need to balance this aspect of their lives with getting the job done when they get to their destination,” he explained.

“The amenities and services they require are not always what hotels and airlines provide and travel executives need to pay heed to what the business traveller is saying.”

Furthermore, 73 per cent of hotel visitors say that the availability of wi-fi affects their hotel choice, whereas only one quarter of airline passengers said the same.