Majority of office workers use social media during meetings

Office workers are busy checking social media sites during meetings, according to A new study has found the majority of workers are online rather than focused in meetings. 

While 97 per cent of people said they take their mobile phones with them to meetings regularly, the research also showed 71 per cent of staff check Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook while they are in meetings. While some of them claim it’s for business reasons, the majority said it was just to see what their friends were doing.

Checking into Foursquare or keeping up with breaking business news was cited as a valid reason for using smartphones during meetings but eight per cent of respondents said their smartphone is simply a distraction for dull moments.

Having meetings at conference centres or meeting venues outside of the office may combat the use of social media being a distraction. A new environment could encourage staff to give the meeting their full attention, rather than checking their mobile phone. reports that checking social media was vital for some staff with 47 per cent saying they look to Facebook and Twitter to find out information about the meeting they are due to attend before it has taken place.