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Make an invitation personal, says communications director

As the corporate hospitality market continues to grow, a communications director has urged businesses to make their invites to corporate events personal.

Sally Robins, a marketing director at Arqiva with plenty of experience in putting on events, said that failure to make a guest feel special could give them the wrong impression.

Ms Robins stressed that the time you can spend with an individual at event spaces is often restricted. Due to this, the director advised event organisers to assure the guest of their importance at the first point of contact.       

“Social time for executive-level guests can be very limited and competitive so you need to ensure that your guests feel you are inviting them personally, which also increases the chances of them accepting,” Ms Robins said.

The marketer went on to advise readers of to showcase their brand messages and what the company stands for in events, rather than constantly try to sell something.  

The pointers were enclosed in an article offering tips on how to improve the standard at corporate gatherings, which cited results from a recent report by Marketing & Consumer Insight; indicating that events market is due an eight per cent pick-up in business. 

The pick up in fortunes seems to have come earlier for some, though, as Leeds exhibition agency Wellpleased told that its business grew by 2.7 per cent in 2011, as the UK corporate hospitality market continues to prosper.