Make sure you keep wedding details off social media, says wedding planner

A wedding planner has claimed that couples planning their big day need to make sure they keep details off social media sites such as Facebook.

Sandy Malone was writing for this week. She claimed that sharing all information on social media sites means that more people will think that they are valued to give an opinion on the big day. Ms Malone also said that announcing an engagement or wedding details on these sites will mean that more people will expect to be invited.

As well as announcing details, the wedding planner said that brides should make sure they don’t argue with their partner over these sites. She wrote: “…do not fight with your fiancé on social media. Recently, I was appalled to see a married friend change her FB status to “in a complicated relationship.” Really? Really?”

She added: “Do not air your dirty laundry in social media or you’ll never make it down the aisle.”

However, social media sites are becoming more frequently used when it comes to romances for many according to An article posted on the site this week claimed that there is now a trend for many men to go through elaborate proposals and then share them on sites such as Facebook.