Make sure your wedding speech isn't full of too many in-jokes

Write a wedding speech that doesn’t contain too many in-jokes that only a handful of people will understand, journalist and broadcaster Grace Dent recommends.

Writing for, Ms Dent notes that a wedding speech needs to appeal to a wide variety of people, so only including in-jokes will make some people feel out of the loop.

“Think about who is in the room and how much detail people need to know,” she states. “Save the gritty, grubby and incriminating stories for people who’ll adore them at the bar afterwards. Instead give people light detail of how you met.”

Fellow journalist, Malcolm Fraser, agrees that in-jokes should be kept to a minimum. He adds that some special mentions should be given to “VIP” guests, such as people who travelled a long way to make it to the wedding, reports

Ms Dent also says it’s a good idea to make notes, especially if certain names need to be remembered. However, the speech should be practised a few times beforehand to make sure it sounds natural on the day. Anyone making a speech needs to ensure they speak loud and slow enough too. She notes that people should not be afraid to ask whether everyone in the room can hear them during their toast.