Make wedding receptions fun for every guest, urges columnist

A columnist has encouraged engaged couples to consider the interests of their guests as a priority on their big day.

Writing for, Hannah Davies explained that she believes that everyone in the wedding reception venue is part of the commitment being made by the bride and groom, which is why attendees’ interests should be of real importance.

She said: “I want to feel part of the day, not as if I’m just there to provide a present and make the newlyweds feel popular. The handful of weddings I remember most fondly are those where the couple has made each guest feel welcomed, appreciated and very much included.”

The columnist complained that she has been to too many weddings where guests have been expected to suffer because the wedded couple wanted to save money. If people have their nearest and dearest with them on the day of the ceremony, then they should treat them as such.

Every bride and groom wants their day to be special, but organising unique entertainment can be a challenge since so many weddings take place every year; most ideas have been done. One way of making the event fun for guests and relatively unique is for the couple themselves to perform.

According to, this was what happened at the wedding of The Saturdays star Una Healy and rugby player Ben Foden, with the former getting on stage to sing ‘Sweet Home Alabama’ while the latter did ‘Sex on Fire’.