'Make your own' comes into focus over Jubilee weekend

The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee weekend looks set to continue the DIY trend that is increasingly being seen in the UK, it has been predicted.

Consumer editor at birminghammail.net Emma McKinney highlighted how the difficult financial climate has seen many people working on their crafting skills when it comes to decorations as well as clothes, with sales of sewing machines up 500 per cent in the past year.

She suggested that this trend will be evident at the venues for hire used for Jubilee parties, as items such as bunting are easy to make and add a bit of colour to surroundings.

Speaking to the journalist regarding the popularity of crafts, fellow enthusiast Shenaz Jodiyawallah said: “I think sewing is a skill that was dying out, but now people want to go back to basics and learn how to make things for themselves. I think people have realised that potentially the next generation would have no idea how to sew on a button if they didn’t do anything about it.”

While many people are choosing to make decorations for their jubilee parties, the event has also been seized upon by retailers, with scotsman.com columnist Will Slater noting that supermarkets are attempting to capitalise on the celebration by selling all sorts of items with the union jack plastered across them – although the shops are achieving varying degrees of commercial success.