Making money now priority during corporate functions

Businesses are now being pressured to make their corporate functions more profitable due to the pressures of the recession, a new survey claimed.

The research, produced by an independent conference organiser, has suggested that businesses are now placing a higher priority on generating revenue during corporate events then they are on professional objectives – such as membership and policy development.  

It appears that the poor economic climate has led to every choice regarding these functions, from the conference space to the amount of staff involved, becoming centred around making profit.

An article on stated that generating revenue, be it through membership, meetings or investments, was now the most important aim of business conferences.

Clive Thomson, who is chairman of a British event management company, appeared unsurprised at the findings.

Speaking to, he said: “Maximising revenue is a key priority in staging conferences. As the most visible platform on their calendar, associations are under pressure to ensure that their conferences are both financially sound and show a clear return on investment.  “

The survey’s creators came to their conclusion by questioning the motives of those who attend business conferences throughout the UK, Spain, Denmark and The Czech Republic. Accountability to members and a growth in enterprising associations were cited as two other reasons behind the change in motives.