Managers need to eliminate wasted time at meetings

Repetition, a lack of focus and unstructured agendas are just some of the main bugbears listed by office workers in a new study into business meetings.

Reported by, new research from Epson and the Centre for Economics and Business Research (CEBR) suggests that 16 per cent of their respondents cite technology as one of the causes for ‘wasted time’ at meetings.

Furthermore, 68 per cent admitted that the use of tablets and smartphones during a meeting proved to be a distraction. However, 36 per cent claimed their personal devices improved their productivity during a meeting.

As a result, managers organising a business meeting at a conference space may want to double check all their technology is fully functioning before conducting a meeting.

Furthermore, one in five senior managers surveyed say they spend more than 10 hours a week in meetings, highlighting just important it is to have a clear structure and focus during a meeting.

Neil Colquhoun, business sales directors at Epson UK, commented on the survey: “Senior managers can use this feedback to identify appropriate practical steps such as introducing structured agendas, supplying more appropriate AV technology or even providing more refreshments to set their staff on course for a more productive use of their time in meetings.”

The research coincides with tips released by, which suggests that senior managers should start every meeting with an ‘explicit objective statement’ in order to highlight a focus for the meeting.