Managers spend five days a year travelling to meetings, claims survey

A new survey suggests travelling to meetings takes up five days out of the average British manager’s year, reports

The figures, researched by marketing agency Powwownow, were the end product of a survey of 750 UK businesspeople who held managerial positions and had to travel for work.

Those surveyed revealed that, on average, 26 days each year are spent in face-to-face meetings and managers will attend 9,315 meetings in their career. This equates to around three years in the average Brit’s working lifetime being spent in a meeting venue.

Alan H Palmer, author of Talk Lean: Shorter Meetings. Quicker Results. Better Relations, suggests as Brits clearly spend a lot of their time in meetings, it makes sense for meetings to be as effective as possible.

Speaking to, he uses the analogy of a production line in order to explain why meetings should be as effective and efficient as possible: “You wouldn’t start making something without a goal and a plan of how to achieve it. An effective meeting requires the same things.

“Often people worry about seeming pushy. But as long as you’re straightforward, it should work. And it should mean fewer meetings because the ones you do have are more efficient, ” he added.