Manchester Airport to see biggest reduction in journey time to London through HS2

Travellers departing Manchester Airport will see a staggering 75 minutes shaved off their journey time into London following the introduction of HS2.

New figures provided by show the North West airport benefiting hugely from the government’s new high-speed rail project, which is expected to reach northern cities by 2033.

The 75 minutes equates to a 59 per cent reduction in the time it takes Manchester travellers to get to and from London via rail, which currently stands at 144 minutes.

HS2 has been tipped to reduce this trip a mere 59 minutes, which could encourage more Manchester firms to conduct business in London.  

Commuters from Manchester Piccadilly are expected to see a very similar gain as their journeys are cut by 46.9 per cent, dropping from 128 minutes down to 68. Birmingham is also in a strong position to benefit from HS2 and, according to the estimates, will see its journey time drop from 84 minutes down to 49.

As reported by, Birmingham will be the first city to be linked up to HS2 when the first lines are completed in 2026.

HS2 chairman Sir David Higgins says that expanding the network to reach Crewe would be the “right strategic answer” before HS2 arrives at the likes of Nottingham, Sheffield, Leeds, York, Liverpool and Glasgow.