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Man-sized canapés the next big thing

Man-sized canapés, otherwise known as ‘manapés’, could be the next big thing within the events industry.

That’s according to the Editor’s Blog on, which explained that increasingly, guests turn up to function venues expecting more than a few morsels of smoked salmon or mini quiches. Now, demand is rising for ‘manlier’ snacks, such as mini beefburgers and Yorkshire puddings.

“Just like manbags, manscaping and bromances, this new term describes something delicate and innately feminine, that has been given an injection of testosterone. Yes, the dainty canapé has been beefed up to man-sized proportions,” the Meetpie editor claimed. Although they recognised that not all event organisers have an unending catering budget to work with, the days of serving minuscule portions are over.

“Man up and bring out the chunky stuff! I’d wager that given the choice between a spoonful of caviar and a mini portion of chips, most peckish post-work guests would plump fro the latter,” they concluded, adding that bigger doesn’t necessarily have to equate to larger budgets.

The comments come after noted a rising demand for mini-beefburgers (specifically) across London – perhaps no surprise given the respective demand for man-sized canapés.

Typically nicknamed ‘sliders’, these bite-sized treats are going down a storm with the London audience; something which could encourage event venues throughout the capital to take note and up their game.