Mark Ronson letting fiancée plan wedding

Music producer extraordinaire Mark Ronson is leaving his wife-to-be, Josephine De La Baume, to sort out their wedding details – so all he has to do is turn up, according to

Ronson spoke to the website at an event created to celebrate James Small’s show at London Fashion Week and the NME Awards, where he said that he is letting his fiancée do the work.

“I’m leaving the wedding plans up to her, it’s her big day so I’ll let her have whatever she wants. I just want her to be happy. All I need to know is the date and the event venues and just wear my suit!

“It’s not the thought of the wedding – though that’s nice,” he said to “It’s just the idea of marrying someone you really, really love that you just want to share with.

Mark – who recently released his new album ‘Record Collection’ – also noted that he can no longer be a romantic, as his French girlfriend sets the bar at an extraordinary level.

“I think I’m fairly romantic. But then having a French girlfriend automatically sets the bar to a whole new level.”

“I’m certainly not perfect. Nobody is. In every great relationship you have two people that really care about each other and, inevitably, they can wind each other up in ways that no one else is capable of,” he added.