Marriage is ruined by glossy magazines

Celebrities “fairy-tale” weddings are ruining marriage and putting pressure on couples, forcing them into debts at the start of their lives together.

Government minsters claim the debt from lavish wedding celebrations is a contributory factor to family problems, as debt is now one of the most prominent causes for family breakdowns, yet couples are splashing out as much as £20,000 on their big day.

Pensions secretary Iain Duncan Smith told The Press Association: “The average amount spent on a wedding has risen to around £20,000. It has become apparent that many couples will not marry until they can have such a wedding and some couples will get into debt just to meet the costs of the expectation.”

“Imagine starting married life with a large hangover of debt. It must put enormous pressure on the relationship almost from the start,” he added.

According to The Guardian, Mr Duncan Smith went on to say the society’s values are being shaped by the behaviour of “film stars, soap stars, pop stars and football stars. What has changed has been the Hello! style idea that if you get married and can’t show yourself in a Hello! light, then somehow you are a bit of failure.”

However, there is no need for couples to feel their wedding should emulate those in magazines. There are beautiful dresses and a vast choice of locations suitable for a wedding reception venue and good caterers that can be employed at a fraction of the price of what couples in Hello! pay.

As many as 90 per cent of young people aspire to marry, but couples should remember that the day is not about the lavish party, but rather about their commitment to each other.