Massive increase in enquiries for corporate Christmas parties

For the first time since the recession, events organisers are reporting that they expect the number of office Christmas parties to explode this year.

According to a statement from an events company, corporate Christmas parties were one of the first things to suffer as the economic crisis tightened its grip on corporate spending. However, with news that the economy is returning to growth, it’s expected that companies will return to form to throw Christmas events once more.

“Everybody wants a Christmas party but in recent years they have unfortunately been sacrificed due to austerity measures, but the purse strings seem to be loosening,” explained Rob Hill, director of an events company. “We’ve been astonished at how much interest there has been in Christmas parties even before Christmas is really on the agenda.”

Event venues across the country are reporting a boost in the number of Christmas party enquiries, despite the season being four months away. London is the place where most people want to hold their corporate Christmas holidays. That’s no surprise when you consider the fact that London has more VAT registered businesses than Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland combined. According to government statistics, there are over 288,000 VAT registered business in London, and in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland there are over 271,000.

Perhaps now is the time to be ahead of the pack and check out event venues so businesses ensure the preferred venue and date aren’t snapped up. After surviving the recession, there really could be no better reason to justify a celebration that includes the whole workforce.