Matt Cardle turns wedding singer

Matt Cardle, the musician who won last year’s ‘X Factor’, has turned his passion into a new career – being a wedding singer.

According to, the singer – who melted the hearts of teenagers throughout the nation – decided to offer himself as a wedding act over the summer.

Reports have suggested he did so not to earn extra cash (although this may have been a factor), but to get used to performing in front of audiences before the upcoming ‘X Factor live’ tour.

A source close to Cardle confirmed this in The Sun, stating: “Matt wanted to get used to playing in front of an audience again.

“He performed to millions on The X Factor but he thought it would be good to get back up there – and fun too.”

The news may delight brides-to-be across the UK, who may choose to fill their wedding reception venue with the sound of Cardle’s well-known voice.

Although it is not known how much the singer is charging for his services, die-hard fans will surely pay any price to hear their hero sing live for them on their big day.

Cardle also performed his latest single, ‘Letters’, on the most recent ‘X Factor’ show. It will be released on 10 October.